Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Growling @ Adobe

Need I say more????


Monday, March 22, 2010

How to run Qi NanoNote's OpenWRT in QEMU?

I'm putting this post here as a place holder... I'll be adding to it, as I learn how to use the Force...

This is in preparation for the arrival of my Qi NanoNote!



On Fedora 12 x86_64:

$ su -

$ yum install qemu-system-mips

as non-root:

$ cd ~

$ mkdir -p nn-dev/openwrt

$ cd nn-dev/openwrt

$ git clone git://

$ cd openwrt-xburst

$ git fetch origin

$ git checkout --track -b xburst origin/xburst

$ make menuconfig

# select "Ingenic XBurst" as "Target System"

# select "U-Boot target board" and the string for it is "qi_lb60"

# save / exit

$ make



pavo test

$ yum install install SDL_* zlib-devel

$ cd ~

$ mkdir pavo-test

$ wget

$ tar zxvf qemu-JZ_20090207.tar.gz

$ cd qemu-JZ

$ ./configure --target-list=mipsel-softmmu --prefix=~/pavo-test/qemu-jz

$ make

$ make install

$ cd ~/pavo-test

$ wget

$ tar -jxvf jz_uboot_20090624.tar.bz2

$ cd jz_uboot

### someone else's snippet (for some other use)

qemu-system-mips -kernel vmlinux-2.6.18-5-qemu -hda debian_etch_mips_small.qcow -append "root=/dev/hda1 console=ttyS0" -nographic

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Not the Only One...

...who wants more from GNOME:

GNOME Bugzilla – Bug 601063 - Option to scale down icons

That "bug" was opened 2009-11-07 20:29:05 UTC .. and there's no fix yet...

Shout-out to borschty for picking up on my completely idotic quoting of the date (now abridged) ...


Transparent Menu Backgrounds? Please?

I'm starting to think there must be a .conf file somewhere to fix these transparency annoyances (because I know GNOME is modular).

It would really make my 21st Century day, if I could get away from these 20th Century GUI defaults, without needing to switch to Spanish Inquisition style window managers...



(click for larger)

Workspace Switcher Stupidity...

(click for larger)

It seems I'm on a roll here with the GNOME issues.. And I hear what you're thinking, "Why doesn't he just use KDE and/or Compiz or Cairo-Dock?" I've tried them, and I cannot tell you how much more annoyed I was by their all out frivolous nature. While aesthetic, some of the complaints I'm making about GNOME truly inhibit its function. A GUI should be as pleasant to look at as it is useful.

Two-Tier Launchers... Come'on GNOME!

(click for larger)

Alright... on to my next complaint...

If I recall (and it's not worth looking up), Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 (or maybe even 95) was the first one to include the "Taskbar" with its "Quick Lanch" buttons... I love these things. What better way to keep my desktop clean, while putting me one (or more) click(s)/keystroke(s) closer to completing my next task.

GNOME-based Help docs need help... [RESOLVED]

UPDATE @ Sun Mar 21 18:38:13 EDT 2010:

A cool person - alias "borschty" - on #gnome IRC gave me the fix for this one!  It's really too bad that it's not the default.. Oh well... THANKS boschty!

If you get annoyed by this too.. Here's the fix:

  $ gconftool-2 --set /apps/yelp/use_caret --type bool 0


(click for larger)

I'm really finicky... in that I like things to work as I'd expect them to work.. You probably are too, but you've no idea what to do about it... Here's an idea... COMPLAIN!

Case in point, when I'm doing the right thing and reading the manual (yeah, yeah, I know) and I switch from the scroll-wheel to the cursor keys to move through it (because my index finger has gone numb), I expect to scroll down from where I am on the page.